Chook CBDIUS Organic Handmade

Chook – The Dark Product


Chook CBDIUS Organic Handmade Chocolate Edible



The Dark Product, #Chook is #Full Plant Extract of High-CBD low THC Cannabis #Sativa infused with organic coconut oil. 200ml. 5%

#Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil.
5% Organic Irish Rapeseed Oil.
NON-GMO Soy Lecithin and Home extracted Linseed oil used as an emulsifier.

#Chook goes beyond with Organic Cocoa Butter and Home extracted Black Seed Oil for a superb taste, an even smoother touch on the skin and boasts an even wider cannabinoid profile.


Get it while you can!

This stuff never lasts long. Just amazing! 🙌
No high, but amazing relief from gastrointestinal pains and discomfort, an amazing skin balm and bloody tasty too!

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